How to replace a broken tile

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How to replace a broken tile

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The mosaic tile is considered one of the best tile designs that you can ever install in a kitchen. These tiles should be placed well and therefore they may consume a lot of time. However, the period entirely depends with the number of people working on them. There are steps which should be followed when you want to make the mosaic tiles. Although it is not as popular as the vinyl floor, mosaic tiles should be top among your options when you need new tiles for your kitchen floor.

After you have chosen tiles of your choice, you need to buy the right adhesive that will fit your floor. Read the manufacturer instructions and find out if the adhesive may work out well on your floor. Do not worry about tiles fitting into corners since you can always cut them depending on the space left. Once you have the adhesive, place it on the lower side of the tile. Arrange the tiles in a puzzle by fixing the big pieces first and then the small ones later. Repeat the process until the entire area is covered. Ensure that you do not make errors for you to meet the perfect design you need. Grout the tiles when they are laid on the ground. The larger the spaces between the tiles, the more the grout you have to use. Pick any grout color depending on your preference or the color of the tiles you have chosen.

After 30 minutes, the grout would have dried up. Take the sponge ad dry off the grout. Keep on using the sponge on the grout until the slight haze is completely eliminated. Afterwards, allow 30 minutes more for the grout to dry and harden. Wipe each piece of the tile with a towel and then leave it for the whole day. Sealing will be easy to install after 24 hours. There are different types of sealing materials and you may wish to use the high gloss which is effective.

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